Fashion Muse: Badwood


by Caitlin Haynes

One cliché saying always rings true, inspiration is everywhere. As a college student majoring in fashion I have always felt like it’s so important for me to draw in muses everywhere I go. I didn’t expect to find such a long-standing girl crush while I was scrolling through twitter two years ago. But I found it in Nat Wood.




Nat has grown her company from a couple graphic tee designs, into a multitude of highly requested and regarded pieces of stylish street wear. Her original designs are far from conventional, and always give off a respectable bada** vibe. This has brought her to the attention of a couple pop culture icons.


The most frequented wearer of her brand is the ever-fantastic-flawless Zendaya. When two inspiring, girl power filled women collide- I just find myself all too hype.

badwood3But beyond just the brand, Nat is just a dope person. Her tweets are constantly hilarious and just so real and unfiltered. Most of her instagram pictures feature an obviously well-toned behind in one of her custom swimsuits.

Today, when Nat is not lounging by the pool with her three rescued and adorable dogs, she is found in her new warehouse printing and shipping like crazy with her boyfriend. I just love companies like Badwood. Fashion like the streetwear created by Nat just feels so authentic to me. Everything bought at has a piece of the artist’s soul put into it. And that’s what makes Nat Wood my fashion inspiration of the week (and probably the rest of my life).





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