Monthly Muses: September

Here at The Fashion Paradox, we’re starting a series featuring some of our contributors’ monthly favorites. Although Julie Andrews would pick things like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, we’re going to keep ours pop culture related, so every month we’ll be focusing on different topics we’re currently obsessing over. This month we’re talking music, Instagram, trends, and TV. Keep reading to get your monthly dose.

Hot Tracks

McKenzie’s Pick

“Uninvited” by Mallrat

After hearing this song in one of Chloe Grace Moretz’s InstaStories, I had to know the title. Embarrassingly enough, I even went as far as to direct message her to get it (as if in some magical world she would respond *eye roll*). So if you’re an introvert like me and only go to parties for certain people, you’ll relate to the lyrics of this chill jam.

Cait’s Pick

“Chill Bill” by Rob $tone (feat. J Davi$ and Spooks)

I love how every time I play this, everyone thinks I’m playing that creepy murder song from AHS. Then the beat drops and everyone gets crazy hype. I live for the beat drop. If you happen to be driving around your hometown and want to look cool, put your windows down and crank it up- this song is for you.

Mikaela’s Pick

“Bad Habit” by The Kooks

An oldie, but still my favorite song to jam out to in the car. Even better if you synchronize dance moves with the person in the passenger seat.


McKenzie’s Pick


She’s the fashion director for award-winning, street style blog, “The Sartorialist.” This girl is Audrey Hepburn meets ballerina meets street style queen. If you love girly, vintage style and old photos, you’ll love Jenny’s Instagram just as much as I do.

Cait’s Pick

Thinking of you. 💭🌈❤️ 📷: @dfreske

A post shared by Ingrid Nilsen (@ingridnilsen) on


This is the Instagram account of a famous beauty/ style Youtuber. I’ve been following her forever and I just continue to love her style and adorable personality. She’s also my short hair inspiration so I have to show her some love.

Mikaela’s Pick


A post shared by COVETEUR (@coveteur) on


This NY based online magazine is full of cool-girl style tips. A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from here. Beauty, fashion, interior design, celeb interviews, what more could a girl want?

Fashion Must-Have

McKenzie’s Pick


Long Leather Effect Jacket, Zara

With fall just around the corner, I immediately think jackets, jackets, and more jackets. A leather piece is something I believe every guy/girl should have in their wardrobe no matter what their style is. So if you indentify with biker, vintage, classic, or boho, a leather jacket can be incorporated into any outfit.

Cait’s Pick


Steve Madden ‘Sunshine’ Lace Up Flats, Nordstrom

I am obsessed with how much pointed toe shoes can make any outfit look more polished and mature. I feel like when I’m wearing them, I instantly look like I know what I’m talking about. Watch out world cause Cait’s got her pointed shoes on today, so she’s probably going to make sure you notice by casually slipping it into our unrelated conversation.

Mikaela’s Pick 


Jamie Ripped High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans, TOPSHOP

High wasted pants have a very special place in my heart. Lately I’ve been pairing them with a tucked-in button up blouse and boots.

What We’re Watching

McKenzie’s Pick



Before this year, I hated anything and everything horror related. I’m an anxious person, so anything jumpy or realistically scary made me run for the hills. But recently I’ve taken a liking to being scared so I’ve been heavily into Scream for the past two seasons. The season two finale is next week so it’s about to get real intense in Lakewood.

Cait’s Pick


Big Brother

This is my high key guilty pleasure. This is the only season I’ve ever gotten obsessed with but it has taken over. I don’t even have cable at my apartment, so every time I go home, my mom just has to endure the shrill-voiced madness of this crazy reality/game show… Sorry mom.

Mikaela’s Pick


Stranger Things

This nostalgic 80’s sci-fi series is one of the popular shows on Netflix right now. It is extremely addicting and who doesn’t love a badass female lead with mind melting super powers?



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