Closing that Invisible Workplace Age Gap


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by Cait

I’ve noticed a huge stigma surrounding millennials; which is really just fronted by adults who firmly think that our generation sucks for one reason or another. As a fellow good-for-nothing (ahem) millennial, I felt as if I was walking into an uphill battle when I took my first job at 16 years old. After putting blood, sweat (I’m overdramatizing a little bit here) and a lot of tears into the retail industry; I like to believe that I have just a couple cliche tips to help fellow good-for-nothings to break into the working world.

  • First things first: Get off your a**
    • So I hear you’re trying to stop mooching off your parents, well you’re on your way to joining the movement against the freeloading stereotype. Go apply and apply a lot (especially if you aren’t sure what job is best for you.) Inquire about the application in person and do everything you can to show them that they need you on their team.



  • Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    • Show respect where respect is due. They are gonna know what they’re talking about. Be willing to learn, people will love it. This is also one of the first places you will encounter people willing to genuinely treat you like an adult. Realize and appreciate that. It feels amazing.giphy-2.gif


  • Dress the part
    • First impressions are key. And continuing good impressions are also key, especially at a job you would love to be good at. Dressing professionally automatically makes you appear more mature.giphy-3.gif


  • The power of the breakroom
    • The break room is one place where you are guaranteed to make some connections. Bring your lunch, put down your phone and have a genuine conversation. I’ve heard some of the best stories while chowing down on a homemade PB&J. (bonus tip this saves you $$$)giphy-4.gif


  • Werk werk werk werk werk werk
    • Okay so you’ve built yourself a nice foundation- NOW WERK IT. Be a proactive employee and try to find importance in any task, even if you’re just flipping burgers. I’m serious. This will always be the most important thing. Be excited about your potential and more people will get excited with you.





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