I’m Here for the Mashed Potatoes

(The title is obviously a joke here, I’m here for the family time. However- I do have a ridiculously deep affinity for potatoes of all forms)


I am a little too excited for this. But honestly nothing is better than eating for five hours straight and spending time with some of the coolest people you know, family or not. Whether you’re chilling at home, going to a relative’s, or you’re stuck working because Black Friday is a concept of the past (yuck)- Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to showcase that you have your life together (even if it’s definitely not). So without further rambling, here is my holiday OOTD. 




The older I get, the more concerned I am with being comfy. But I really try to showcase that I know how to wear something other than leggings. A dress is the perfect solution.


My favorite part of this is that its food baby proof. By layering different textures over a loose silhouette, you maintain your shape while grazing over your stomach. A+


Hidden perk: The scarf is a high fashion napkin. I can’t stain this sweater because I swiped it from my friend’s closet two months ago (sorry).



Dress: Living Doll brand, carried at Carsons  (discontinued)
Similiar Style

Shoes: All Black High-Top Converse

Sweater: Belldina brand (discontinued)
Similiar Style


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