Taking Notes: The Naked Clavicle

I’m all for jumping on the trend train, but when I first saw this rendition of the classic button down in 2016 on Balenciaga’s runway I was a bit skeptical. My first reaction was, “This looks like someone is trying way too hard to show off their collarbones.”(Theory: Collarbones are the new “thigh gap.”)

It looked entirely too forced and unnatural. The practicality of me wearing my winter coat off my shoulders like that was as likely as me walking past Chipotle in the mall and NOT getting a burrito bowl. But I digress…

Then I saw the queen Rihanna wearing it, and I was like, “Oh, okay this is HAPPENING.” 

As basic rule of thumb I try to remember that just because RiRi makes this happen (she made a TRASHBAG look good once), doesn’t mean that a basic humanoid like myself can pull it off without looking like a victim of one of those Buzzfeed “20 Best Pinterest Fails” articles. But, I gave it a try.


I attempted my own look here with a classic white button down tucked into velvet adidas joggers. In my opinion, the bigger the shirt is, the better shape it takes when you lay it off of your shoulders. The idea here is taking something you already own and wearing it in a new way. Genius. And your wallet thanks you.

As for the naked clavicle movement, I’m in. Thanks Rih.



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