About The Fashion Paradox

Humans are walking paradoxes, often contradictory in their actions. So often humans are told to pick their style and stick with it. Here, we say screw the rules. Make your statement. Life is an acquired taste, developed by passion and creation, sustained by fashion, music, and culture. The Fashion Paradox intends to amplify your life with inspiration and vision to expand your taste for life. So go ahead, break the rules. We won’t tell.

Meet the Paradoxes:



Mikaela Malott

Indiana University, Public Relations and Advertising

Hometown: Walton, IN

Devoted to: Chasing The 1975 around the country, spending way too much time on the internet, singing to Fleetwood Mac in my car, building my sunglasses collection, people watching (I like your outfit), maintaining my position as worst-joke teller ever

Style Uniform: Retro sunnies, wide brim hat, oversized shirt and sandals.

Dream Job: In-House PR agent for Free People

Catchphrase: Curiosity won’t kill this cat.


McKenzie Price

Ball State University, Photojournalism/Fashion

Hometown: Logansport, IN

Devoted to: Pizza, Back to the Future, 12 hour days in my bed, Arctic Monkeys, Pinteresting until my hands fall off, and my Norwegian man friend

Style Uniform: Something long, cape-like and probably in black

Dream Job: Street style photographer somewhere in Europe

Catch Phrase: *rock on hand sign*


Caitlin Haynes

Ball State University, Fashion Merchandising with a Marketing Concentration

Hometown: Greentown, IN

Devoted to: the pursuit of destroying my hair w/ bleach and dye, Taco Bell, writing angsty love songs, making sure mannequins at work are on fleek, Edgar Allan Poe, being the “Chandler” of my friend group, 90s cult classic movies, fantasizing about my next meal

Style Uniform: Neutral colors, streamline silhouettes, destroyed denim and pointed toe flats

Dream Job: Visual Planner or Buyer for Topshop, Zara etc.

Catchphrase: “How sweet it is”


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